Posted by: octopusllc | January 11, 2011

What will Social Media become in 2011?

Social Media 2011

Social Media is still in its infancy as far as marketing and customer relations are concerned,  meaning 2011 will bring many new social media practices and innovations.

2011 will see a shift as companies stop putting so much emphasis on search engines and begin to use social media as their main online marketing tool.  Paid searches on search engines are becoming less effective, and social media searches are becoming more popular.  This is because people trust their peers’ recommendations, and it is leading to more people finding and using products and services through social media websites.

With so many companies putting their focus into social media, many experts are agreeing that 2011 should bring us closer to a standardized data and ROI analysis tool for social media.  This will help social media practitioners learn what really helps the bottom line, making their customer engagement and online branding that much more effective.

Another place of emphasis in 2011 will be the need to rise above the crowd.  Now that it has become painfully obvious that businesses must be involved in social media, how does a single company differentiate itself from its competitors.  This is when skillful and innovative social media practices will be more important than ever.  Social media experts will be needed more than ever in 2011.  There will be so many users joining the social media sites, that only the best updates and tweets will bring a return.  How is your business poised to succeed with social media in 2011?

For more social media predictions for 2o11, check out this list featuring 30 predictions from 30 social media pros put together by



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  2. Very insightful. Im looking forward to more of your 2011 social media projections.


    It’s also blog sharing day! Link your blog or website on our wall!

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